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- What is magic

Magic, in essence, is the force of energy that binds the universe together. Think of it like gravity; magic is the reason that everything exists and stays together in a form that our rational minds can comprehend complete with the rules of reality. Magic connects the universe and everything within it like one great web linking together all living beings and pooling in places of significance. It is generally agreed that magic is an inexhaustible source of energy, seemingly renewed by the presence of life, emotion, or belief after being burned away by those who choose to either utilize magic or attempt to destroy it.

- Magic Users

Magic users come in a nearly infinite variety. Some may simply use its energies to commune with the world around them. Others may use it to sling about power in the form of spells. Though the actual method of utilizing magic varies from person to person, there are a few rules that remain the same.
A magic user must believe in the magic they are using
A magic user must make a conscious choice to learn magic. They may have an encounter with it, but they must choose to learn magic and have the drive to acquire knowledge and skill in the art of manipulating magical energies.
Magic does not like to be controlled. In order to weave it into something a person desires, magic must be forced into place. Anything less than near perfect execution can result in harm to the magic user.
Unlike most magic systems, anyone may be able to learn magic through any method ranging from a formal education, to sheer determination and willpower to force magic into that which they desire. All it takes is the desire and drive to figure out how it’s done.

- How to use magic?

In order to cast magic, one must be able to gather magical energy and then shape it into what is generally considered a spell. The effects of any single spell are only limited by the imagination of the user and the amount of energy that has been gathered to shape it. The method of gathering energy varies wildly from person to person. One may shape magic with pure metaphysical strength fueled by their own physical discipline while another may use his willpower and finesse to sort of weave magic into the shape they desire. Even more may use their faith in a god to cast magic. Regardless of the method, magic is still gathered and burned in order to create a spell.

- Dangers

Using magic, of course, is not without dangers. Wherever one one goes, there always stands a chance that a much more powerful and malicious entity - whether born to magic or mortal - who wishes to kill those others. Or one might run into another who despises magic and is equipped enough to counter its power. After the fall, all manner of dark and malicious beings with an appetite for life and magic are out to kill. In addition, magic is a highly volatile force; it does not like to be controlled. Attempting to control more energy than one is capable of or without enough focus or discipline is likely to backfire and result in varying degrees of injury on the user.
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Magic System
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