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 Combat: How to, and the rules of the site.

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PostSubject: Combat: How to, and the rules of the site.   Sat May 06, 2017 11:09 pm

On killing a character: In a non-combat thread, don't do it unless you have the player's permission. In a combat thread, decide before the thread goes up if it's going to be death enabled or disabled. If not stated in the title or the opening post, it is assumed disabled. In an event fight, death is always enabled. Us staff will try to avoid killing characters, but if you do dumb things like try to take out a tank with a rifle, you're gonna get hurt.

On challenging a post: A player is allowed to contest a post before he or she replies if they feel like the post is unfair. If the two members can't resolve the situation, message an admin or staff member, and we will give an official ruling.

So, rather than go along with proper etiquette, we will start with the combat RP structure.

So, first is engagement.

You (The player) want to try and engage the enemy in a way that is advantageous to you. For example, a sniper on a vantage point. You do not want to start a fight with more than one other player. I've seen and participated in many a 2v1, and only one time have I seen the 1 win, and she was a PvP god. (Her character lost a leg though)

Next, the fight. This is the hardest part for most. This is going to be the series of posts that entails the fight, a series of actions and reactions. This is where I'll talk about etiquette and usual combat rules.

The first and foremost rule is no autohits. If you auto hit, then one of three things is gonna happen. Your opponent will ask you to fix the post and you will. Your opponent will call an admin in and you will probably lose your fight if death is disabled, your character if not. Or, lastly, your opponent will ask you to edit, you'll refuse, and the admin will rule against you.
A definition of an autohit is best shown by example.

A normal exchange-
Player A: Swings sword
Player B: Blocks sword

An Autohit-
Player A: Swings sword, pushing player B's sword away as he goes to block

The issue here is that Player A assumed that player B would block, and forced the move on his opponent, giving the actual player no chance to do what he would prefer. Even if you think your opponent might do something, it's best to just let them post it themselves, because they may do something unexpected.

Don't ignore attacks. If you do, then it's ruled the attack hits, and you have to take the hit. Period. There are dicks that intentionally ignore attacks because they think it's going to slide. We won't tolerate that here on Fellreach

Post quality is key. Combat roleplay posts are different in the details part. Instead of putting detail into your setting, put that detail into what your character is doing. In fact, most prefer you leave all the flowery writing at the door when you do combat, because that way they don't miss an attack on accident, and be forced to take an attack they just didn't notice.

Dodging- You get one chance at a dodge or block against an attack. If it doesn't work, that's too bad, but in order for these threads to ever end, people have to make mistakes.

Don't be a dick. This is a general rule, but when it comes to combat, since it's a form of competition, things can get pretty heated. The last site I was on, the community was torn apart by PvP. It was so hateful, writing on there turned into a chore. So the most important part of PvP isn't to win, but rather, to have fun. So, get out there, go fight, but keep it IC.

Next, and final, is the conclusion of the fight. Depending on the RP, there's a few things you can do. You can execute the survivors if it's allowed. You shouldn't do this unless it really adds to the story. It causes grudges and grudges turn to feuds. Feuds turn into open hostility OOC. Next, you can capture the survivors. That's fine, and it allows for some cool writing opportunities. Or, you can just let them go. Inevitably, this part is up to the victor and the loser.

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Combat: How to, and the rules of the site.
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