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PostSubject: Jojha Icarus    Jojha Icarus  EmptySun May 07, 2017 11:40 am

Name: Jojha Icarus

Age: 26

Class: Heavy Tank/ Engineer

Race: Human

Description: Being a rather tall and skinny woman with straight jet black hair and grassy green eyes, Jojha is covered in bruises and scars, while usually being covered in dirt. Then again looking into her eyes is a rather hard thing to do as her face is usually covered by an old ski mask, and even then her whole body is usually encased in an exo-suit.  

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Engineer: Being skilled in engineering, her talents of being able to fix anything from her exo-suit to a tank comes in rather handy if she has the right materials.

Physical Peak: Jojha is as physically strong and fast as she could be with the amount of low nutrition she lives off. Because of this, Jojha is not only a force to be reckoned with, outside of her suit, but she can easily go a maximum of three days with next to no food.

Gun slinger: Guns are no mystery to Jojha, she's even quiet the sharp shooter. Anything from a rifle to a revolver fits comfortably within her hands.

Insomnia: With countless nightmares plaguing her mind, Jojha is unable to get much sleep, two hours at the most. Because of this, she is always on edge and always ready to strike someone.

Magic: For some odd reason, unexplained to her, she is extremely weak to magic. So much so, if a simple spell was to hit her skin she could easily be sent flying back. Meaning stronger spells could easily kill her if they were to hit her skin.

Being born on the edge of the dead lands, Jojha never ventured much out of her own community during her early life. Instead she usually just stayed with her parents, playing with her own devices. With this Jojha discovered her knack for engineering. She'd usually fix house hold appliances at an early age when anything went broke.

By the age of ten her father had began teaching her how to fire a rifle, for hunting and protection purposes. By this age, Jojha was already fixing up minor vehicles like bicycles. Then only five years later she was not only fixing motorcycles but building them.

Then at twenty she had made a prototype of a exo-suit. It was big, clunky and slow, but strong. However with this break through in technology, everything went to hell. Raiders, using magic, soon invaded her small town. They ran rampant, killing off the men and taking about the women and children for slaves. When Jojha came in to help, equipped with nothing but a wooden bat, she was able to crack a few skulls and knock the teeth out of a few raiders. Then she was knocked to the ground as a raider shot a small spell at her from behind. Suddenly she went flying, breaking through a wall, it was miraculous that she had only got out of that with a broken leg. Wasting no time she dragged herself up to her exo-suit. Getting into it she made her way out, now armed with an old axe and rifle.

By the end of the night the village was in ruins, her father had been killed, her mother had been stolen, and half of the raiders lay on the ground bloody and dead. Leaving the village she went out on a quest to find her mother, something she failed to do. After a whole year of wondering around the dead lands, it appeared that those raiders had vanished into thin air, so she returned to her village, only to find something had came along and taken everything. The ghost town she once called home only held a blanket of darkness, that haunted her mind.

Years later Jojha had made her way out of the dead lands. Passing through jobs and lives, now forgotten to her. She had been able to upgrade her exo-suit and pick up a few new skills in Engineering, having fixed tanks on her travels. Now she is back where she started, on the edge of the dead lands.
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PostSubject: Re: Jojha Icarus    Jojha Icarus  EmptySun May 07, 2017 3:24 pm

Approved with the condition that the Exosuit has to be submitted as a tech sheet, since there's woefully little information on here
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Jojha Icarus
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