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 Magnus Von Kraus {WIP DO NOT R8 M8} Still ultra rough

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PostSubject: Magnus Von Kraus {WIP DO NOT R8 M8} Still ultra rough   Sun May 07, 2017 3:00 pm

Name: Magnus Von Kraus

Age: 48

Class:Professor teaching philosophy and history at the Fellreach University. But hidden under the surface he is an manipulative killer delving into dark arts in an attempt to purge himself of his curse

Race: Human

Description: {WIP for now enjoy an picture}


Strengths: Agile {Despite his age},expert in linguistics,fencing,history,philosophy,political theory and is quite the manipulator. The curse remains dormant most of the time only spiking if Magnus had not recieved "essence" near the end of the week.

Weaknesses: Is aged and lacks the endurance others have,slowly losing his mind to the curse he suffers,the curse being an shadowy entity slowly merging with his soul some days Magnus would remain in bed from the fatigue of keeping this being at bay. The curse requires him to feed off of the souls of the dead and despite the fact he can resist this urge he "must" feed at least once an week otherwise Magnus would feel sick and weak as he slowly fails to keep the shadow at bay. {WIP}

History: Born to an aristocrat family Magnus received proper education and was groomed to be the heir to his family's title,his father Jornhelm Von Kraus was an wealthy and influential tycoon married to Almera Von Kraus who had family ties with another powerful family.However during one of the cold winters in Fellreach Almera grew ill and banished herself in her chambers allowing only her husband and son to see her as she slowly declined in health.The servants would at points arrive to remove bloodied sheets caused by Miss Almera's coughing....The doctor's coined that she had lung cancer.
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Magnus Von Kraus {WIP DO NOT R8 M8} Still ultra rough
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