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PostSubject: Sam Fionnghall   Sam Fionnghall EmptySun May 07, 2017 10:58 pm

Name: Sam Fionnghall
Age: 24

Class: Balanced Striker, Handy-crafter (tailoring, blacksmithing, cooking, alchemy)

Race: Witch

Description: Laid back for the most part, unless it involves the Empirium. As for clothing he wears good quality clothing, accessories, and is clean looking (however everything he wears was hand made by him, from the clothing down to the bracelets and baubles he wears, some are recycled materials) He’s not really attached to material objects, however he never waists a chance to acquire new materials if he can but will reuse anything if he can.
Sam Fionnghall:


  • Making things/repairing from broken pieces or scraps (food, objects, weapons)
  • Trained in environmental warfare (uses the terrain as a weapon or to assist in combat)
  • Studied subjects (cooking: herbs & animals, Smithing: minerals & ores, Tailoring: Tanning & sewing, certain languages)
  • *Photographic Memory (learns by watching and experiencing)


  • Too smart for his own good, which causes him to get into trouble
  • Still Young and inexperienced in the world.
  • ill-tempered when it comes to the imperium, makes him loose his reason
  • Has not grasped the power of the Scarred Flame and is still lacking to be fully accepted by it (oh yes the sacrred fire is ALIVE)
  • *Photographic Memory (images are there forever… scenes of his sister’s and family's death.)

History: He was raised in a family of witches and he was the seventh son of a seventh son. The Fionnghall, their linage went back at least a century maintaining their look as a noble family of moderate standing. Basically, hiding in plain sight from those who'd want them dead. They tended to trivial things like agriculture, political agendas, financial, and charitable contributions like Apothecaries. They valued knowledge as a high standard and taught their children to respect it.  Upon the age of 6 they could pursue subjects that best suited them. Sam liked making creating with his hands, so he learned different trades despite what most his relatives found it less tasteful. For them they had the mind one shouldn’t have to work with their bare hands but use magic. In relation to their personal studies, combative training, and social studies, they learned magic to suited for them.

Sam picked up the talents quickly and learn 2 magic types and 1 in secret in relation to his crafting abilities. Infusion, the art of imbedding items with magic during or after creation. Altered infusion is during creation and enhances the items quality, make, and form once done right; on extremely rare occasions creates life for the object. Base infusion, is and infusion after the item was made by simply channeling magic into the item to take on properties of the infuser this can be stored and used later or released immediately usually through a trigger word, phrase, or action. Atelier Chemistry, basically alchemy with a kick. In relation to his desire to craft things he learn how to synthesize materials. To make things as simple as balm to complex things like thermite. Allows him to handle volatile substances and material like second nature. But because he adds mana into the mix it increases potency of the things he creates. Lastly and most dangerous is Spell Compositions. Basically, Composite Spells, mixing together spells to create new ones, very dangerous and tends to be a subject most don’t allow because not only can it result in Backlash, It can potentially create something that cannot be undone which normally cause an apocalyptic event.
When learning these magics, at 15 he was making items and during an altered infusion he made an item call Enkidu, it was a chain that could bind immortals to much everyone’s surprise as no one had made anything like it not sense the making of the “Living Vault” by Gawain Fionnghall the great, great, great grandfather and his talents were seen. His second creation was Shield-Weave, it appears like a simple bracelet made from wool, but its power was like something one could dream. It creates a projection of damage absorbing force shield, that projects a slight blue light on contact with harmful objects. The bracelet turns a bright red when it depleted and require a brief 5 minutes to recharge. The force like barrier can sustain up to 4 "normal" explosions before the shield is depleted. But, if nothing is damaging it before depletion, it restores within 30 seconds to full capacity.

As for the Combative training, he desired to learn Gatka & Angampora, which held a lot of potential to him because of him to use pressure points, matching his dexterity. He learned the fighting style using a talwar sword, Malappuram kathi as his dagger, and archery which he liked the use of a hand crossbow. He also picked up how use Chakrams and the deployment of razor wires to manipulate a battles flow on the field. the charkrams allowed for curvature throws and arcing paths that bent like no arrow could. The Razor wire could hinder, entrap, or bind to allow more time for him to think. During his training, he discovered an innate ability called “Tempered Strength”. During a fight the more pain and damage he sustained the stronger he got and fast his body moved making it difficult for him to know when he’s pushed himself too far. He once fought for so long and sustained so much damage he had to be bed ridden for a week to recover even while under healing magic.

His life was peaceful until one day Sam made a mistake and showed his magic to a friend after him promising not to tell his secret, and he kept it for a while, until his "Friend" was captured and interrogated. thus, his family was found out and hunters came and massacred his whole family. It was because of him in a hidden library he lived. But the main house was purged of his sister Elis, 6 brothers, mother and father, perishing leaving him the youngest and alone. Upon feeling a strange feeling upon his body, he left the hidden room at that moment and came to see his home in flames and the bodies of the dead around him. It wasn't until a few months and after the rest of his relative’s deaths he found out what all happened and vowed to get revenge on those that killed his family. As Fire scorched the ground he stood upon as his power erupted from the burst of emotional rage. He managed to save a few texts about his family's history and connections to the Grand Witches and set out to find them, as well as artifacts of power along the way using the family’s Living vault to carry his arsenal family’s fortune.

Side note: Sense he is the remaining survivor of his family he has access to a 25ft Spacial Vault which he uses as a storage container for most the things he finds on his travels, but only on command. Items stored sink into the living vault’s form as if made of mud and likewise when taken out. in sight, yes one can have access to many things but if a person isn't careful the vault can be destroyed. *not meant as weapon* but as a storage, unless it is destroyed in which all items currently inside the vault will explode out like shrapnel in all directions. After destruction, the vault cannot be used for 30 days, until its re-established its form. Only heeds the blood of a Fionnghall’s command. Items that can be stored in it is for every foot high the vault is, the space inside is magnified by 100,000 square feet. Nothing living can survive inside unless you have breathable masks, or magic (no atmosphere, death by asphyxiation).
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PostSubject: Re: Sam Fionnghall   Sam Fionnghall EmptySun May 07, 2017 11:19 pm

Not reviewing until Witch is submitted as a race
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