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Elias Bishop

Elias Bishop

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PostSubject: Elias Bishop   Elias Bishop EmptyMon May 08, 2017 5:08 pm

Name: Elias Bishop

Age: 61 (probably)

Class: Hermit Wizard

Race: Human

Description: If you asked Elias, he would claim that all he really cares about is himself. But in reality, he can't allow himself to sit around and watch all the injustice in the world and not do anything about it. As a result, he will go out of his way to act on what he feels is the right thing to do. Though at the end of the day, Elias is not a hero, he will run the moment he feels outmatched. Elias is a man with good intentions, won't go out of his way to act in justice if he feels outmatched.

As for looks, Elias is average height and, despite his growing age, managed to keep rather fit due to his rough and tumble lifestyle in the wild. His face is heavyset with a wide jawline framed with long, iron-grey hair and a beard he rarely bothers to trim. His face is centered with bright blue eyes and a strong, regal nose.


  • Creative: Elias excels at lateral thinking and prefers to face situations from the most abstract direction possible.

  • Magic: Elias’ gift for lateral thinking has given him an ability to comprehend magical theory and some stronger talent in learning new methodologies for magic, though through his thinking, Elias specializes in alchemy and rune magics.

  • Written Languages: Due to Elias’ specialty in rune magics, he has become better capable of learning and interpreting new written languages he may encounter.

  • Herbology: Elias’ specialty in alchemy has resulted in an extensive knowledge of plants and herbs as well as a limited understanding of alchemical significance in certain minerals.

  • Crafting: Elias’ long years of living in Toadstool forest have allowed him to practice basic craftsmanship, meaning he can carve staffs, furniture, simple jewlery, and build shelters with considerable quality.


  • Spontaneous Spellcasting: Though Elias has plenty of creativity and lateral thinking, he is incapable of coming up with a spell off the top of his head, often meaning he must write out runes, formulas, or perform alchemy in order to create new spells.

  • Human: Despite his talent with magic, Elias is still human, and an old one at that. He is not as strong or as swift as a younger man and is just as susceptible to diseases and physical harm as any other human.

  • Spoken Languages: Though Elias is good at learning written language, he struggles greatly with learning new spoken language.

  • Minerals: Elias specializes in alchemical herbology, therefore his understanding of alchemical minerals is limited only to the most prominent and common uses.

History: By no means did Elias have a rough upbringing. His childhood was a comfortable one as the son of a baker in Fellreach City. He spent much of his childhood helping with mundane chores and playing with the other children in his borough, pranks and all. The first nine years of his life were light hearted and nothing but fun. Full of adventure and whatever learning Elias could possibly get his hands on. He had even learned to read at an age younger than all the other boys his age. In his tenth year, things changed. It wasn’t quite the result of some dramatic backstory or anything. Elias’ father had decided that his son had better be put to work. Thus began Elias’ baker's apprenticeship. To some degree, Elias learned how to bake just about anything ranging from mundane bread to cakes fit for nobility. Icing and all, Elias had a hand in nearly everything his father baked that wasn’t an important order that absolutely could not be screwed up. Along the way, Elias’ insatiable desire for books and learning led him to spend whatever free time he had not working in the comparatively boring bakery with his mother, sisters, and whoever else had some sort of practical knowledge to hand out. On the other hand, books were in fairly short supply for anyone who wasn’t a noble, and the great libraries of Fellreach remained limited only to those nobility and students with enough wealth to attend university, so Elias found himself limited to those tomes he could find from travelling merchants desperate for another penny in their coffers. Sadly, at this stage in Elias’ life, he had very little access to money save for a small allowance his father gave him for working in the bakery. As time passed, Elias came to terms with his limited freedoms and learned to enjoy the life he had. With happily married and loving parents and two doting sisters certainly was not the type of life to complain about.

About the time Elias reached 15 years of age, his oldest sister, Lucy, disappeared without a word or note. His parents acted as if she had never existed. Even his second eldest sister, Elizabeth, pretended as if Lucy had never been a part of the family and did chores for both as if she had been doing them all along. Though Elias got the feeling Elizabeth quickly found herself overwhelmed with chores with the sudden doubling of chores she had never been doing before then. Two years later, Eliazabeth disappeared too at the same age Lucy had been when she disappeared, 19. Once again, the parents acted as if two sisters had never existed, and Elias waited patiently for the next two years to pass and he would hopefully learn why his sisters had disappeared.

On the night of Elias’ nineteenth birthday, he found a paper wrapped book at the foot of his bed. Quickly and silently, he opened it to reveal a tome thrumming with energies that felt familiar, yet entirely foreign. Elias swiftly read through the tome and realized why his sisters had disappeared: magic. A note behind the cover revealed that Lucy and Elizabeth had found a magical tome tossed out from a travelling merchant’s wagon, so that the witch hunters on the top of Fellreach couldn’t find the contraband. The pair learned little bits of magic, addicted to the power it gave them. Both Lucy and Elizabeth learned the ways of magic through that tome and devised a simple purge potion to erase memories of them from all those in the borough with the exception of themselves and their little baby Elias. When he had turned nineteen, they had decided that Elias too had a right to the power they had earned, though they couldn’t gurantee that any of the three would ever meet again. That night, Elias used the purge potion’s formula on his parents and fled the city with tome in tow.

Elias traveled as far as his energy could take him, relying entirely on the suddenly limited knowledge he had attained within the great walled confines of fellreach city. Though it was barely enough to survive. Eventually he came upon what appeared to be a decent place to hide, a simple forest bordered with toadstools. Dubbed by Elias to be Toadstool forest, the hideaway was quite the distance north of Fellreach city. Elias slowly adventured through the forest, eventually finding a conveniently cleared riverbend for him to set up shop. It started with a small ramshackle camp, but time passed and Elias slowly built it up with acquired knowledge, that which he knew from fellreach, and the runic and alchemical magics he learned from the tome. Elias barely noticed his aging as he explored. Now learning through practical experience rather than book learning. At some point in time, his little ramshackle camp had been turned into a cozy cabin complete with stilts to protect from river flooding, a small farm, and even a stone fireplace. He learned to go out of his forest and explore. Travelling the roads nearby and even visiting other villages throughout the lands nearby. He acquired quite a bit of knowledge through the magical arts he knew and the people he met along the way. Though he rarely took direct action in the world around him save for the occasional injustice just cruel enough to make Elias angry yet unguarded enough that Elias knew he possessed enough power to overcome it. For one example, the Coreman mines. Filled with slaves and magic folk, Elias armed himself with makeshift flashbang runes and his personal carved staff covered in magical formulae for him to cast a variety of spells. He slaughtered the coreman guards and set the former prisoners free. It is right after this event, with pride still running high after such a victory, that Elias’ story truly begins.
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PostSubject: Re: Elias Bishop   Elias Bishop EmptyTue May 09, 2017 7:46 pm

Approved. Being placed at Journeyman tier magic. Good job on that history.
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Elias Bishop
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