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 Magic Tier Rules

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Magic Tier Rules Empty
PostSubject: Magic Tier Rules   Magic Tier Rules EmptyMon May 08, 2017 7:55 pm

For the purposes of roleplay, all characters magical abilities are classified under a general set of tiers to ensure that no one has more power than they deserve. Keep in mind that though you may have a higher magic tier, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have that much talent in absolutely every magic. You’re simply a more experienced spellcaster capable of controlling more magical energy than before.


  • At novice tier, you are nothing more than a beginner to the magical arts. Your ability to cast magic has only just begun to grow. Though it is quick and easy to grow beyond this rank, this is where everyone starts: at the beginning. As this stage of your magical adventure, you are nothing more than a blindfolded man attempting to navigate a maze while walking on stilts. Your power is only the most basic and only about as destructive as a handgun. That won’t stop you from getting creative with what little power you have. Even a little bit of magic can go a long way.


  • Now you know a thing or two about magic. Perhaps just enough to get some street cred with the nearby wizarding scene. If your power was a pistol before, now it’s a rifle. A beginner tier magic user can now effectively rely on creativity and wits to survive a battle and knows enough to look like less of a bumbling idiot when working your spells. Keep in mind that your ability to manipulate the mystical forces flowing throughout the world is still fairly limited. Like the novice, it is quick and easy to train yourself beyond this tier.


  • This tier is about what could be considered “average” for all magic users throughout the world. For most non player characters, this is the height of their power. You can throw some reasonable amounts of power around and can definitely hold yourself in a fight entirely using magic if you’re the sort of user to do that. By now a magic user should have found a specialty magic or two they prefer to work with. By now, it will start being tough to tier up as your talents grow.


  • Getting close to a master of the magical arts by now. A magic user of this tier has some recognition among his community as being a cut above the rest. In a one on one fight, a an adept tier magic user is capable of relying fully on his magical power to defeat an opponent of considerable skill and amounts to quite the danger should one decide to attempt to terrorize a village. However, by no means does level of talent make you powerful. You may prove yourself to be a difficult opponent, but you can be defeated given sufficient firepower. It will be much more difficult to move up a tier after acquiring this one.


  • A master of magic is beginning to taste their first few morsels of real power. At this tier, a magic user will be able defend himself from an impressive amount of firepower and dish out the same. Though magic users of this tier are not exactly powerhouses spewing hellfire left and right. They are powerful and dangerous individuals and have a habit of at least their titles being famous or infamous, depending on their actions. It is very difficult to advance beyond this tier.


  • By now, a magic user is a force to be reckoned with. Capable of dishing out enough fire to engulf an entire storefront and melt the the contents inside. A demigod is famous throughout whichever communities they inhabit and wherever they go, their reputation precedes them, or at least their title. With the information age long gone, a face is easily forgotten, but a name is not. Remember though, no magic user is invincible. There will always be someone out there with more power or firepower than you. So keep this in mind: Embrace your power, but do not get drunk in it. It is extremely difficult to advance to the seventh and final tier of magic…


  • A god tier magic user is a true force of nature, capable of taking on entire battalions of soldiers with fire support singlehandedly with nothing more than their magic at hand. Though not much beyond that. Their power is immense and when working in tandem with magic users of a similar mindset, they can cause even more destruction should they choose to do so. A god is a true expert in their specialty of magic and has wide ranging knowledge of many other common ones. Any tier beyond this is unimaginably powerful and certainly nothing more than a fable.
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Magic Tier Rules
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