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PostSubject: The Imperium (General Lore)   The Imperium (General Lore) EmptyMon May 01, 2017 6:42 pm

The Old Imperium is one of the oldest remaining governments around the area of Fellreach. It dates back to before the Great Fall, over 200 years ago, somehow surviving the Render's fury. Since then, they have developed a deep hatred of magic and magical beings, killing any magic users that are discovered with extreme prejudice, declaring it "a gift to the emperor."

The Imperium is a facist regime, headed by a Supreme Emperor and the Three Generals of his royal forces: The Grand Inquisitor, who is in charge of attacking land-based enemies outside the city, The Huntmaster, in charge of policing the city itself, and the Naval Admiral, who controls the seas with his great armada.

The Imperium's stronghold is the massive city of Fellreach, and usually can keep control of both Fisher's Mount and the smaller Orgyntire. In Orgyntire, it holds slight power over the mines controlled by Coreman, but is the Imperium as a whole is more interested in Longwind. the Imperium barely recognizes Ether as a city due to both its friendliness to Orc raiding packs, and its heavy use of the dark arts in the most despicable of ways.

The main military force of the Imperium is the Imperial Watch, which stands at roughly 600,000 troopers always ready at any time. This does not take into factor the many tank platoons, fighter brigades, and mech platoons. Most of their tech is either made by Imperium-owned factories or by Moniker Industries.
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The Imperium (General Lore)
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