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There are some missions that are too gruesome, too costing to a man’s soul for even members of the Imperial Watch. For these missions, there is a specialized chapter of assassins and trackers called the Witch Hunters. These men and women work in pairs, searching for and eliminating Mages and Witches where they are found. They are excellent combatants against those who practice magic, having trained for many years and been hand picked for the jobs at hand. These men and women do not fight on the frontlines save for rare occasions, and often work separated from the chain of command for weeks, or even months at a time on missions that take them out of the city. These Witch Hunters are the most feared people in the city of Fellreach by mages, and to earn a team hunting you down, you must go above simply practicing magic, to the point of being a risk to Fellreach and her people. No task is too evil or too gruesome for these people.
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