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 The worst pirate you've ever heard of

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PostSubject: The worst pirate you've ever heard of   Mon May 08, 2017 12:27 pm

Name: Kat Kheylana

Age: 22

Class: Ricochet sniper

Race: Bio engineered human

Description: Kat is a rather small woman with a light tan all over her body. Her eyes are distinctly purple that give off a mechanic feel. Alot of her body is mechanically augmented based on her former abilities to boost them and turn them into a comical version of her former abilities. Kat herself is a loud spoken, cocky, sassy person who is willing to do alot assuming she gets payed for it.

-Mechanic augmentations, Kat has many augmentations build in to her body who help her get many perks and abilities normal humans could usually not get.
Mechanic Abilities:
-Bioligically engineered augmentations, Kat has been treated in a lab where scientists manipulated some of her natural abilities wich backfired and mutated, granting her some super human abilities.
Bioligically tempered abilities:
-Bio enchantments, During her augmenting, she even recieved a few arcane abilities giving her a variety of abilities that she needs.
Bio Enchanted abilities:

General weaknesses, Kat still carries traits of her former self but there is a backlash to her choice of weaponry.
General weaknesses:
-Mechanical snags, the scientists who enhanced her cared very little for her safety and thus never took the time to fix the weaknesses her robotic body left open.
Mechanical snags:
-Biological backlashes, even if her biologically altered body allows her to do more than she originally could the tests were not fully succesfull and thus left some scars behind that can be used to her disadvantage.
Biological backlashes:
-Magical drawbacks, the enchantments were thrown on with no forethought and thus the drawbacks were not taken into consideration.
Magical drawbacks:

History: Long ago, Kat was a succesfull assassin, being known for her spectacular ricochet kills, she was capable to bounce her bullets of walls and predict where they could go after that bounce, being able to kill someone technically in cover. She was trained by many elite snipers but it soon became clear she had a severe disregard for rules and thus went rogue, working for her own and not for the organization that trained her. Not much after she got herself a ship and began pirating and heisting all over the place. She quickly became notorious and became wanted pretty fast. Soon she'd have the law and organizations after her all the time.

After a long time, it was a company of scientists that finally caught her. After collecting the bounty on her they were allowed to conduct expirements on her 'dead' body. The truth was that they never killed her but put her into some sort of hyper sleep, once the tests started she was alive, awake and well. They seeked to create super soldiers of the sort and their previous test subjects have died. Kat's predecessor survived the installment but wasnt given the mutation to control the body properly, a mutation that they now had and put into Kat's mutation along with the other few. One unfortunate thing about the tests was that the subjects were never put to sleep, they were awake when their bodyparts were being replaced and the mutations were installed. Of course this pissed her off and as soon as the tests were completed and she was thrown in her cell to be shipped off to an allied organization wanting soldiers she escaped and tore the labs down and left. Currently she roams the world looking for contracts...

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PostSubject: Re: The worst pirate you've ever heard of   Mon May 08, 2017 1:06 pm

Interesting character! :O

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PostSubject: Re: The worst pirate you've ever heard of   Mon May 08, 2017 5:18 pm

Alright, there are a number of options. Having read all of this, you can A) Make your history a bit longer, B) Add some more weaknesses or make them more severe, or C)You can remove some strengths/tone the ones you do have down.

If you make the history longer I'd like to see at least one new paragraph to explain all the strengths. She has 10 strengths, several of which are major ones, and 8 weaknesses, 1 of which has hidden strengths (I.E Endurance- can tank everything but blunt weapons)

Also, last thing, how would one disable her bio enhancement? Remember that the rule against metagaming protects people from insta-killing a weakness like that, so it's just so that we as staff can know it is a legitimate weakness. If it's still an issue feel free to just PM or DM me.
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PostSubject: Re: The worst pirate you've ever heard of   

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The worst pirate you've ever heard of
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