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 The Shoggoths: Harbingers of the Dark Gods (NOT PLAYABLE)

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PostSubject: The Shoggoths: Harbingers of the Dark Gods (NOT PLAYABLE)    Mon May 08, 2017 7:43 pm

Name: Shoggoth

Size: Varies based both upon sacrifices and upheaval

Appearance: The Shoggoth is usually a mass of darkness beyond any other, with vile glowing orbs of light fluttering to the black tar's surface. However, there are differences based upon which God the Shoggoth is tore from.


-Render Variants are usually more filled with sharp objects, like sharpened bones, and blades conjured up from the Dark Realm.

-Devourer Variants usually make themselves into never ending opening mouths of horrendous sharp teeth.

-Howler Variants are almost always in a constant screech, with at least one of their mouths letting out a high-pitched screech. Their limbs are usually more canine in appearance, and several dog heads are almost always poking out of its mass, snarling and biting.

-Defiler Shoggoths are somewhale different than other Shoggoth variants. They will either have multitudes of smaller globules that usually act rodent-like, or spew forth swarms of flea-like monsters. Their tar is rigid and is much more noxious.


-Shoggoth are able to form into a multitude of shapes, slightly bending reality around them. This also has side effects, including the warping on non-sentient objects and leaves pain in alive beings.

-The touch of a shoggoth on nearly any surface can lead to rapid decay, like rusting metal in moments, and stripping skin away in moments.

-A weakness of a shoggoth, however, is its pure rage. It only feels anger, lashing out at even the cultists who formed it. It can easily be distracted if given the time.

-Over time, the unnatural beast will slowly burn out, eventually receding back to the god it came from.


Long ago, in the black aeons before the universe, a war rang out in the dark. Two sides, the manifestations of the light and dark beings, clashed for eternal claim of the mortal realm. While the Beings of Light carry their legions with the might of the Sun-lords, the Darkness uses its brute forces. The Shoggoth are one of these forces, being simply parts of the dark gods torn asunder from their main forms, and cast into the mortal realm to weaken the Light's current hold of the realm of life. In the early years of the Universe, Shoggoth of unimaginable sizes clashed with hundreds upon thousands of Sun-Lords for the hold of he realm, and with their destruction, weakening the Dark gods, who have until now disallowed the upheaval of Shoggoth from their bodies. The highest witches know of this, and believe it to be a heed to dark times and the return of the forces of darkness in full power...
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The Shoggoths: Harbingers of the Dark Gods (NOT PLAYABLE)
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