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PostSubject: Magic Rules   Magic Rules EmptySun May 07, 2017 9:04 am

For those not living in Fellreach city, magic may or may not be an integral part of their lives and survival in a hostile world filled with beasts only imaginable. Because magic is such an important part of this world, I have written up some concepts and rules of magic to help members understand how magic works in our world.

What is magic?

To put it simply, magic is the force of energy that binds the universe together, much like gravity holds objects together. No one truly nows why magic came to exist or why it has behaved the way it does, but it is generally agreed that Magic is the force which holds the universe and reality as we can perceive it together. Some may describe it like a great web flowing through all living beings and places of significance. It is an ineshaustable source of energy renewed by the presence of life, emotion, and belief after being burned away through the use of magic.

Magic Users:

Magic users may come in a nearly infinite variety. Some may use it to simply commune with nature and the world around them, while others may use it to sling about power in the form of spells. However, there are two traits that all magic users share.
  • To cast spells, the magic user must believe in their magic. Any doubts will undo the spell.
  • The magic user must have the drive to learn to manipulate the energies

Anyone might be able to learn magic to should they desire. The method of learning may range anywhere from simply being born with a talent for magic to an extreme drive to learn or being taught in a more formal education. All magic takes is the talent, desire, or discipline to learn.

Using Magic:

In order to cast magic, one must gather up magical energy and then shape it into what is typically considered a spell. The effects of any single spell are limited only by its 'shape' and the amount of energy poured into it. The actual method of gathering up magic from person to person vary as infinitely as those who might use it. One magic user may shape spells with pure mental discipline while others may 'pull' the energy together with pure physical discipline and willpower. Others may do it through their faith in a god.

Dangers and limitations:

As powerful as magic is, it does have its limits. And more importantly, dangers. No matter where one goes, there always stands the possibility of meeting one with a much greater talent for magic or some kind of malicious being - whether born of magic or mortal - prowls about with the desire to kill. There are all manner of dark creatures throughout the world eager to devour life and magic.

Magic also has its fair share of limitations. For one, attempting to control more energy than one is capable of or without enough focus or faith in their magic will likely backfire on the magic user. In addition, there are certain magics that are either impossibly complicated or require so much magical energy to use that no one could hope to use it. Below is a list of these magics:
  • Teleportation
  • Time manipulation/vision
  • Any magic or spell that outright kills another
  • Any magic or spell that godmods
  • Magic that affects the biology of another (with the exception of healing magic)
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Magic Rules
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